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Everything is a rock

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Everything is a rock is an online exhibition in which I co-curated and contributed to conceptualising the subject, curating the projects, and building up the website.


What stands out from this exhibition is the entry-point concept we established for the audience. We explored the different relationships between human and nonhuman through rocks. The structure of the display was disguised as a map, which takes its non-structure from the idea of rhizome. Rhizome is connections, intra-actions, and encounters. The rhizomatic map attempts to bring together the projects and the viewers without hierarchy. Therefore, it gives w and multiple understandings of the alternative practices that rise from the intention f complicity between human and non-human forces, strategies, and purposes.

Find Everything is a rock website here and publication here.

Screenshot of Everything is a rock.

everything is a rock booklet mockup_edit

Publication of Everything is a rock.

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