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Archive as is an online archive where I interviewed, collected, and stored stories from individuals that are unfamiliar from the public.

History, in essence, is the winners’ version of the story. Often, there is much more excluded and consequently forgotten. This is the archive of the ordinary, of the ones excluded from the textbooks but indeed exist. To be more precise, there’s an expression in Taiwan that elaborates this notion.



Under the wave of “big time,” we are all just “small individuals.”


The project was initiated from my mom’s personal experience: her story that started from moving to Spain despite the politically oppressive environment in Taiwan during that time. The reason I sense that I need and eager to pinpoint it is that even though these sorts of accounts and narratives are not written in history books, or don’t even come up in daily conversations, they are there. They are the stories about how lives continued, how some quietly resisted those repressive powers in their own ways, and how they made differences, because what comes to the end it’s not who was in power or who won the battle, but how the lives that surround you were. History itself is attractive but what is kept out from the textbooks is more fascinating.


This is not a challenge or replacement of the already-existent history, but a peek into the big time (大時代) through the eyes of the small figures (小角色) as documentation and provider of divergent points of view.

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